You will prepare and submit a term paper on Internet Marketi…

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Internet Marketing. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length.

The message is an advertisement from my favorite local coffee shop down the street that they will be having a new type of coffee at a discount and the loyal customers with coupons will be getting to try out their new secret recipe donut. There is no way I am not taking advantage of this new offer, not in a million years and since the offer has a limited timeline, there is no time to shower. Even if I wanted to shower, I have no bath wash and I have to remember to pick that up after the coffee.

Since the coffee shop is only a few blocks from my house, I just leave in my sweats and hope to not be late. On my way out I grab something I never leave the house without (besides my smartphone that is) and this is the google glass. The google glass is the best invention so far and I adore them. I have several reasons for that the first being that I get to take photos and record videos of funny occurrences and events on my way to the coffee shop without attracting the attention of people and hence little chances of being caught doing so. These pictures and videos I later share with my friends on Facebook and Instagram and we have a laugh about them. It is also easier for me to get directions from my google glass and especially when my hands are full like they are about to be once I get my steaming hot coffee and free donut. Believe it or not, I actually work and do not spend all my time playing with my tech toys or on social media. I, therefore, catch up with my work as I walk along the streets shopping when waiting to meet my friends or potential clients or investors physically among other times.

I ask my google glass to tell me how long it will take me to reach the coffee shop and it displays 3 min. In three minutes I will have gone through the urgent emails that I see are notified and alerting me as urgent. Flipping through this image without actually failing to continue walking is the best thing ever as I get to multitask while walking the streets without safety fear. A text message from my phone interrupts my email reading and it is a reminder that I have arrived at the coffee house.&nbsp.