You will need to find at least 3 credible sources (Example: scholarly journal ar

You will need to find at least 3 credible sources (Example: scholarly journal articles,, Wall Street Journal article).
Write a memo to me in the proper memo format (see Canvas for this format). The final memo should be about 2.5-3 pages in business format (not including your references on a References page at the end of your report). Business format is 12-point font, left-justified text, no indented paragraphs, and a line space between each paragraph.
Your memo should contain the following sections (the bold text indicates that this section should have a section header in bold):
Start with an opening paragraph stating the purpose of the memo – why you are writing this? What is the reader about to read?
About XXXX: Provide a short description of the topic and why it is controversial.
Position: Briefly discuss your position on the topic and tell me why you believe this.
Research: Discuss the current research that supports your position. This section must summarize data from your sources.
State who conducted the research, the sample size, and what the findings were.
This can be a few paragraphs as needed.
Include in-text citations in APA format. (Go online and look up how to do in-text citations and references in APA format).
Include two charts and/or graphs and interpret them. Refer to them within your report. You must show evidence that you understand the information being conveyed in the charts/graphs and how it supports your position.
Conclusion: Summarize the importance of the topic and restate your position. This is where your persuasive messaging skills matter.
End with a paragraph that tells me how to reach you if I have questions.
Use section titles in bold to denote the sections of your memo (e.g., About, Position, Research, Conclusion). Your intro paragraph and last paragraph do not need a section title.