You will be finding a preliminary answer to this research questions: “What are t

You will be finding a preliminary answer to this research questions: “What are the goals and characteristics of the way social media is used in the accounting field?”
Write a report that tries to answer this question, based on careful observation of the community.
1. To write this effectively you will need to observe and analyze a few examples. Consider the rhetorical situation, analyze the genre, and the author’s rhetorical strategy.
Use the class rhetorical and genre analysis checklist as a way to start your analysis.
2. You will make claims about how professional accountants use social media in your field. In addition, you will evaluate the effectiveness of how the social media examples are used.
3. You will also make recommendations about social media use in the accounting field.
You will write this in the genre of a report. The sections of your report will include the following
1. Title Page
2. Executive Summary
3. Table of Contents
4. Introduction
5. Analysis and Discussion
6. Conclusions and Recommendations
I have already picked three different examples for you to use for this paper. The first is a youtube page called Lyfe Accounting in which they help their subscribers with any tax questions they may need answered and help them build their wealth. The other example have picked out is another youtuber named James Wright ACCA. He is basically another accountant on youtube who likes to help his subscribers out. The last example I have chosen is a TikToker who’s page is @dukelovestaxes and he is a proffesional tax accountant who has a large following on tiktok due to his content. If you would like to pick another example instead of the ones I have chosen that is fine by me just let me know so I can be aware of the changes.
I will provide examples on how a friend of mine started his paper but his isn’t complete yet. I will also provide another example of a final draft, they wrote their paper based on their major which is finance, so you could see how to format the paper.