You are going to identify a workplace problem or need that you are familiar with

You are going to identify a workplace problem or need that you are familiar with. You will develop this problem and then describe and justify a solution to this problem. You will then explain to your readers how they can implement this solution. Throughout the proposal, you are going to have to research the workplace, the problem, and the solution to make it persuasive for your readers.
Partner option: Since much workplace writing is collaborative, you are welcome (but not required) to work on this project collaboratively. If you would like to work with a partner or a group of 3 on this proposal, please email me to let me know who your partner(s) is/are and what your proposed topic is.
Genre: Formal Proposal
Audience: Primary and secondary workplace readers who have an interest in the problem or opportunity you have chosen; they need to have the power to act upon the proposal.
Purpose: You are identifying a workplace problem and proposing a solution to solve the problem; you are persuading your audience about the importance of the problem and about the feasibility of your solution; as the writer of the proposal and the project manager, you are also arguing that you are a credible, professional, and trustworthy person.
Style: Highly formal
Length: Approximately 3,000 words long, which includes five major sections, a title page, and a references section.
Research: Though there are no specific secondary research requirements for the proposal, successful proposals include secondary sources for several rhetorical purposes, such as to show how the problem has affected similar types of workplaces, to break down the specifics of the solution and the implementation process, and to provide background about the problem or solution; you may also consider including primary research sources, such as interviews, surveys, or photographs.