Write only at least 3 paragraph talking answer two of the th…

Write only at least 3 paragraph talking answer two of the the question from each chapter. Make it short and sweat. I have attached an article down. 

Chapter 4

Drawing on this chapter please address one of the following:

  • Define cultural space and discuss how cultural space is constructed through communication.
  • Using an example, discuss the relationship between place, power and location of enunciation?
  • What do we mean by hybrid cultural space? Use an example to illustrate your answer.

Chapter 5

The development of relationships across cultures can be challenging.   Address the following:

a.) Describe the three stages of relationship development and discuss how intercultural issues and differences influence each stage of the relationship development process.

b.) How do inequitable relations of power with society impact intercultural relationships?

c.) Based on your understanding of intercultural communication competence, what advice would you give people who are involved in intercultural relationships?  What suggestions would you give them to improve their understanding of each other and to increase the likelihood that their relationship will continue?