Write a 6 pages paper on gay marriages in the us. Currently,…

Write a 6 pages paper on gay marriages in the us.

Currently, laws that allow marriages between people that are of the same sex exist in the District of Columbia as well as seventeen other states. In developments that have occurred recently, federal judges in various places including, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia as well as other places have ruled that the bans that are directed at marriages between people of the same sex are unconstitutional and the rulings have been put on hold as they await appeals. The Supreme Court in New Mexico ruled in December 2013 that the people who lived as couples in the state and were of the same-sex were allowed to marry each other while the Illinois and Hawaii Legislatures embraced legislation that allowed people of the same sex to marry each other in November 2013.

Earlier, in October, the Supreme Court in New Jersey had declined to the postponement of a state District Court decision that required the state to recognize marriages taking place between people who were of the same sex and the governor made the announcement that the state would abandon its appeal to allow the state to permit the marriages.Religious factors are more often than not involved in the arguments of whether to allow or prohibit gay marriages and some of the religious associations do not give job opportunities or serve couples that are of the same sex (Duncan and Jones 39).

The Christian groups that support this kind of union argue that the people who are in these relationships are God’s creation and should therefore be treated the same way as the other people. The ones that are opposed to it argue that the relationships go against morals as well as the will of God while subverting the objective of humanity that is to bear children. There is a varied approach by the Jewish church towards marriages by the people of the same sex (Cornog and Perper 239) while the Islamic faith is more direct in its rejection of homosexuality and cites the story of Lot in Sodom as a good example of the disapproval of homosexuality.