Write a 5-7 page paper with at least five citations on Stere…

Write a 5-7 page paper with at least five citations on Stereotype through the lens of Social Media. Include a reference or work cited section, where the references are cited in MLA format.

The three sections this paper must have are: 

  1. Your definition of Stereotype or Identity or other approved key word
  2. An overview of either Chapter 15 or 16, with a particular emphasis on social or mass media.
  3. Find two examples of stereotypes or identity being created or perpetuated in mass media or social media. At least one of the examples must come from outside of the United States. (Do not just show me. Tell me how they are being created or perpetuated). What are the implications?

Publisher Information – Communication in the Real World (umn.edu) – Chapter 15 & 16