Write 4 pages thesis on the topic what is successful marketi…

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic what is successful marketing research. In order to make its marketing successful, an organization needs to have thorough knowledge about the involved customers, competitors and allies running for the same area of expertise (Silk, 2006). The simplest definition of marketing is, however, the process of influencing consumer behaviour in a number of ways into purchasing a product according to a marketer’s agenda. The ways used to influence consumer behaviour vary but the commonality amongst all of them is to convey to the audience that the product is an object of necessity. Nowadays, communication of this sort is done between a marketer and its consumers through mediums such as advertising through the radio, print and the vibrant electronic media (Pride & Ferrell, 2011).

Having had a general idea about the concept of marketing, in order to orchestrate it, marketers all around the world need to carry out some planning through researching to guide themselves and this is called marketing research.

• What is Successful marketing research?

The American marketing association defines marketing research as being the means of creating a link between the consumer, customer, as well as public to the marketer with information which would enable him to identify marketing opportunities as well as issues, and lead towards making them more efficient and productive in every way (Malhotra, 2008).

If this is so then it is understandable that in order to proceed towards conducting marketing research a set of research objectives would be needed to make sure the effort is headed in the right direction (McDaniel & Gates, 1998). (Berkowitz, 2011)? The research objectives would and can be directly tailored according to the goal expected to be achieved through the process of the marketing research (McDaniel & Gates, 1998). If the aim of the marketing research by a marketer was to determine whether his food and drinks company for example should introduce a new ‘energy drink’, the research objectives of that specific marketing research campaign could be.

Research Objectives:

– A detailed inspection of the various competitor ‘energy drinks’ currently being offered in the potential target areas of the food and drinks company.

– Use surveys and others research instruments to gather data in order to identify the potential market willing to consume energy drinks in the targeted areas of the food and drinks company.