Write 4 pages thesis on the topic a rhetorical analysis of t…

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic a rhetorical analysis of the public argument.

Public argument is a discussion which is for or against something. In most cases it is aimed at changing how the public views something. It therefore needs a speaker who passes a message and an audience which receives the message and acts on it appropriately.

This essay will bring out a typical a rhetorical analysis of the public argument. The essay will base its discussion on the video “engl08” by Na Du, who tries to educate the general public on the effects of disposing plastic material in the oceans.

The essay also illustrates how to deeply analyses how pathos is used in a persuasive public speaking.

The pollution of oceans by plastic has remained an issue that has lacked a solution for centuries. Conservation of oceans just like any other environment has been ignored for long. They have left to pollutants and it seems like there are not environmentalists to protect them from pollution. The pathos concept is mostly used in this video. Pathos is the emotional factor that touches people in either good or bad way.

The pathos appeal in this video is the most prevalent and to a greater extent, it stimulates emotions from the audience (Johnstone and Eisenhart 76). The video does a great when it comes to bringing out the emotions of the audience as it makes the audience feels really connected in one way or another. Na Du, in her video, she tries to catch the attention of the audience as well as convincing it to refrain from polluting oceans because the consequences are not good. The video starts off by grabbing the attention of the audience.

Na Du’s video grabs the attention of the audience by using “Save creature! Reduce the production of plastic” as an opening line of her video. In this case, she typically uses pathos.