Write 1 page thesis on the topic data quality. Data Quality …

Write 1 page thesis on the topic data quality.

Data Quality AFFILIATION: Data Quality Information systems have allowed collection of data to be accurate and to be of high quality as well. Data can be stored with confidentiality on database systems and it can be used as and when required without going through the hassle of searching information. In case of immediate need, by just few clicks data can be retrieved on the computer systems (Loshin, 2007). When data are of high quality the diagnosis and treatment of the patients takes place on an immediate basis.

In cases where patients are attacked with different symptoms, the history of the patient can be retrieved easily due to IT systems and accordingly treatments can be given. The nurses do not have to spend time in noting down the details of the patients manually, rather the data entry process becomes easier and faster for the healthcare staff (Hibbard, 2003). When data are of poor quality, there are chances of errors occurring and this causes adverse incidents to take place. The patient’s safety and health is affected as a result and this also causes the costs of healthcare to increase.

The healthcare organization has to also face hindrances in information exchange (Loshin, 2007). For promoting high quality healthcare data, recommendations can be to set standards the content of data, how the data should be mapped and documented in the system of the healthcare organization. Strategies for continuous improvement of data collection should be implemented and this could mean that research and development should always be taking place. Data should also be collected and noted at the point where the patient has been treated so that the results can be compared with future cases.

The patients should be educated as well for realizing the importance of accurate data provided by them (Hibbard, 2003). Reference ListHibbard, J. H. (2003). Engaging health care consumers to improve the quality of care.&nbsp.Medical Care,&nbsp.41(1 Suppl), I61-I70. Loshin, D. (2007). Master Data Management.&nbsp.October,&nbsp.20(9), 30. CUTTER INFORMATION CORP.