What is the purpose of the assignment? The purpose of this assignment is to demo

What is the purpose of the assignment?
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of an issue we have read about and studied related to various intersections of diversity: race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender/gender spectrum, sexual orientation, ability, language, etc. You will select one of these issues and narrow to a sub-topic or group. Then, you will examine the group’s treatment historically, legally, and educationally within the context of U.S. public schooling.
You will then research the following:
Part I: History in Public School Education
Describe the group’s history of public schooling/treatment/recognition and their enrollment in public schools. Discuss the historical experience of the group in public schooling and their identification (or hidden presence) in public schools. Discuss the conditions that have contributed to their success in school (historically and presently).
Part II: State and Federal Laws and Programs
What is the historical treatment of the group/issue that you are studying? What specific
incidents/political climates/social events spurred laws eventually to protect the individuals you are studying? Describe. Identify state and federal laws, and school-based programs that affect the provision of equitable educational services including programs that are designed to serve the group you are studying.
Part III: Examples of Bias and Discrimination (Professional Analysis and Evaluation)
Describe examples of classroom bias that can and/or have occurred regarding the students of the group. How are schools structured (curriculum, teacher beliefs, school culture, community and media influence) to perpetuate or provide obstacles that are either visible or invisible for students? Discuss how this group may be “othered” in schools and society and reference Dr. Kevin Kumishiro’s article on Anti Oppressive Education directly to do so.
Describe and analyze current policy regarding the group you are studying. If you have personal experience as a member of this group, describe your lived experience and the expertise you now have in further researching this group. Recommend plans to foster an equitable classroom community that contributes to the physical, cultural, emotional, intellectual safety of these students. What are your recommendations for teaching this group? Discuss how you would provide an emotionally, physically, and cognitively safe, rich, positive learning experience for your students? How will you avoid and challenge institutional bias and discrimination?
How do I format/submit this paper?
This is a research paper. You should plan on referencing no fewer than 8 scholarly sources (peer reviewed articles) *2 of these may be videos or websites but should be from trusted sources and 1 of these should be Kumashiro’s article. You will only receive full credit if you referance all 8 sources and properly cite APA, making sure to support your recommendations and explanations throughout the paper. This paper will probably be 8-10 pages, double spaced.
Use APA for in-text citations and for the bibliography. Include a reference section at the end and a title page with a title that is provocative and unique.
Kumashio’s article: