what i need is only the underlined bold text and the other is additional informa

what i need is only the underlined bold text and the other is additional information
Brand Communications: here you should summarize the
communications history & strategy: messages, media used
A Marketing program aimed at Marketing and Sales Management professionals
could not be limited to imparting theoretical knowledge, or to sharing the
professional experience of professors, guests or successful case studies in
marketing. It is essential that the participants can personally put into practice the
assimilated knowledge and develop individually, and in work groups, their own
managerial skills, in a way that is as close as possible to business reality.
This is the philosophy that we intend to promote in the International Brand
Management course: to offer students the possibility of implementing their
knowledge and skills on brand management in a business case/problem. It is,
therefore, an exercise that integrates knowledge and skills, in an environment that
is as real as possible (because of the pressure and the need to search for
unavailable information).
The Final Project is, above all, a pedagogical instrument and its purpose is to
contribute to the learning of the corporate management of the brands by the
participants of the Master’s program in Marketing Management.
In addition, for students more familiar with the area, it provides the opportunity to
reflect on aspects of their professional practice. And for students with no
experience in the area, it represents the opportunity to come into contact with the
sector and its professionals and learn directly about the content of the activity they
carry out.
As part of learning the topic, and as a final project, students must carry out a
Brand Audit of Estrella Damm in its International expansion that has been
assigned to them.
The choice of projects is specified in brands that face interesting challenges in
different markets and that may be of interest to students. They can be global or
local brands, start-ups or established brands, and they can belong to consumer
markets, services, fashion, or any other.
To facilitate the development of the work and monitor the methodology used, the
project will be worked on in groups.
The content of the project consists of an in-depth analysis of the brand
• at the INTERNAL level (Identity, Architecture, Experience,
• as EXTERNAL (Environment, Competition, Consumers, Life Cycle), for a
product/service category.
• Based on this analysis, students must carry out a DIAGNOSIS and
The Practical Work is a group work that consists of the Brand Strategy analysis of a
specific market and will be developed in phases.
a) Planning and Work Plan
b) Internal Analysis
c) External Analysis
d) Diagnosis (SWOT)
e) Strategic Proposal