Week 3 discussion board chapters 4 creating safe outdoor environments

Chapter 4
Review the video presentation regarding Chapter 4 Creating a Safe Outdoor Environments. Once you have reviewed the chapter presentation briefly describe your personal and professional experiences on the topic and explain how this new knowledge supports or challenges your past practice. The response should consist of 5-7 detailed and descriiptive sentences.
Each paragraph should identify the topic and source, include a direct quote from the source (article, interview, webpage, textbook, etc) and why/how it was of interest to you. Expand upon your thoughts…what about this was interesting, how will it impact your world, change your behaviors, will you inform others of this new information? How do you connect with this personally? How does this knowledge aid you in professional development?
Each paragraph should be detailed and provide evidence of critical thinking…such as how the information relates to the topic and what other connections can you make; was the information new to you; do you believe this information to be accurate based on your personal/professional experiences- why or why not?; what has been your personal experience in similar situations; how will this information impact your personal and/or professional life and will you share this information with anyone?