Week 12: The Future of Biomanufacturing For Week 12 please pick a topic related

Week 12: The Future of Biomanufacturing
For Week 12 please pick a topic related to the future of biotech that you would like to share and discuss. As usual you should have your initial post by Saturday of this week (earlier is always helpful) so that other can review your post and contribute. Introduction
What do you think is the future of the business of biotechnology? In Week 12 it is your chance to lead the class discussion. During the first 12 weeks we discuss traditional and current processes used in the biotechnology industry. Through your readings and research you will have been exposed to many new ideas from which you can discern trends in the industry. What is the next big thing – it is going to be a geographical area, a new type of technology, a new manufacturing process, a new business model, or any combination of these? It is your chance to tell the rest of the class what you think is the most exciting development to watch for in the future business of biotechnology.
Each student in the class will identify a relevant discussion topic. Post your discussion topic in the discussion area as early as possible this week, 12. If you need some ideas here are some recent articles about current trends:
Top 12 Biopharma Manufacturing Trends

You may need to think about a first and second choice for your discussion because your topic should not overlap with any previously posted topic.
Please use the following guidelines in preparing and posting your discussion topic:
Discussion Topic Title: post your discussion topic immediately under the Week 12 conference (as a Main Topic) and change the title of your post to reflect the topic you have chosen
Background: what is the topic you have chosen? Provide some brief background information on it.
Uses: how will your topic be used in future by the biotechnology industry?
Biotech Impact: what impact will your chosen topic have on the future of biotechnology?
Other areas: will your topic have an impact on other areas? The regulatory system? Other business sectors? Society?
Why did you choose your topic? What made it stand out for you and why do you consider it an important part of the future business of biotechnology?
Reference any sources of information you use in your report
Comment on one or more of your classmates’ postings