We will continue in this section exploring Parfit’s arguments for the Bundle The

We will continue in this section exploring Parfit’s arguments for the Bundle Theory. Please review
Parfit, D. A. (1987).
. In C. Blakemore & S. A. Greenfield (Eds.), Mindwaves. Blackwell. (5 pages)
Derick Parfit presents two views about personal identity: the ego and the bundle theories. He uses thought experiments–one about teletransportation and the other about split brain phenomena–to motivate our acceptance of the bundle theory. On this view your are not an independent thing that has characteristics. You are the bundle of characteristics.
Take what you believe to be an important debate discussed in this module and present clearly and accurately both sides. Defend a position that you favor.
The purpose of this assignment is to reflect critically and with a depth of understanding on the material in the section. You are demonstrating your understanding of the material and your ability to make sense of different philosophical positions. Connect this information with your own beliefs and expectations, or to ideas and issues you encountered elsewhere.  Use it as an opportunity to expose and evaluate your own assumptions.
In the reflection paper I am looking to see
Refection. The essay moves beyond straightforward summary and demonstrates personal reflection on the topic selected.
Breadth of Understanding. Shows a firm understanding of the implications of the argument(s) and position(s) discussed, as well as connections between different views. The topic is placed in a larger context.
Depth of Understanding. Essay represents the relevant ideas, evidence, or conclusions accurately, fairly and eloquently. Demonstrates reasonable understanding of the material covered; makes meaningful reference to class readings and discussion; uses examples or otherwise applies class material.
Rational Support and Critical Evaluation. The essay shows appropriate attention to evidence, argument and reasoning. Different points of view are considered and taken seriously. Strengths and weaknesses of different perspectives are discussed critically.
Presentation. The essay is coherent, organized, and presents ideas in a mechanically and stylistic appropriate way. Appropriate conventions for citation and presentation are followed.