Vaccine Safety

Initial Post: Vaccine safety (evaluation, hesitation, hypersensitivity, effectiveness, risks, etc).  For this discussion, find a reliable paper to consult (strongly suggest that you begin with PubMed (Links to an external site.)  and search for a peer reviewed, “review”-style paper that has been published within the last 10 years), review the resource, and then use the information from the resource to summarize recent science-based thoughts on vaccine safety.  You can look into just about any specifics within the basic subject, including how vaccines are evaluated, what is vaccine effectiveness, what are risks of general or specific vaccines, what is vaccine hypersensitivity, what is vaccine hesitancy, prevalence/rates of specific issues with vaccines, etc.)  Using APA formatting, INCLUDE at least ONE citation in your text where you are using data, facts, or other information that is taken from the reference you have selected; also INCLUDE the reference you have used as your source for information and citations in your text.  Your post should be 1-2 paragraphs long and should be in your own words; quoted information must be cited and referenced appropriately. I have attached the instructions and the grading rubric in a document. I also attached a pdf of a peer reviewed paper that you can use.
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