Using the informative speech outline EXAMPLES from our text From Fright to Might

Using the informative speech outline EXAMPLES from our text From Fright to Might:
Informative Cultural Artifact Speech Outline Example
Informative Explanation Speech Outline Example
Informative Revelation Speech Outline Example
Please follow the above examples and construct your informative outline in the same format.
Please label each part of your informative outline just like the examples above.
Please do not forget to include your sources in the text of the outline – (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) wherever they are needed for information and support.
Please don’t forget to include the minimum of FIVE different sources in the text of your outline.
Please include all the sources you use in your outline on a works cited page at the end of your informative outline.
Please remember your sources need to be in MLA format on the works cited page.
For assistance with MLA format please use: PURDUE OWL – MLA FORMATTING
The formal informative outline is a 100 point assignment.
Your outline grade is based on how closely your informative outline follows the above example(s) (for outlining and organization) and for the content of your informative speech topic. Please see the rubric below for further details.
Please upload your final, formatted and typed informative outline to this assignment page as either a word doc or PDF. No other file types are accepted/supported.
Outline includes:
Introduction – Attention Device, Topic Revelation Statement, Significance Statement & Preview Main Points.
Body – Three main points, organized/structured correctly, sources and transitions between each main point.
Conclusion – Review of the topic revelation statement, review of the main points and a lasting thought.
Works cited page – including all sources in proper MLA 8th edition format.