Unit I Essay For this assignment, please watch the following videos related to doctor-patient confidentiality. McFadden, C. (Producer). (1989). Hypothetical medical ethics scenario (Segment 2 of 18) [

Unit I EssayFor this assignment, please watch the following videos related to doctor-patient confidentiality.McFadden, C. (Producer). (1989).Hypothetical medical ethics scenario(Segment 2 of 18) [Video file]. Retrieved fromhttps://libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/login?auth=CAS&url=http://fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=273866&xtid=160433&loid=528222McFadden, C. (Producer). (1989).Doctor-patient confidentiality(Segment 3 of 18) [Video file]. Retrieved fromhttps://libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/login?auth=CAS&url=http://fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=273866&xtid=160433&loid=528223The transcripts for these videos can be found by clicking the Transcript tab to the right of the video in the Films on Demand database.After reviewing these short video clips, write an essay that addresses the questions below.Do you feel this was handled correctly by the patients physician?Would this situation require a release of information on file in the patients record for the physician to speak to the husband?What ramifications could result from the physician sharing this patients information?What might be the implications of this situation based on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards?Your essay must be at least one page in length, not counting the title page or reference page. You must use at least two sources for this essay. One resource must be found in the CSU Online Library, and the other may be your textbook. All sources used must have proper citations. Your essay, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.