Topic 1 Scholarly Research Fire and emergency services as a …

Topic 1

Scholarly Research

Fire and emergency services as a whole have largely lacked original scholarly research specific to this discipline. In recent years, that trend has been changing! The National Institute of Standards and Technology has partnered with other organizations to conduct studies related to fire science through the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health conducts research after a firefighter line-of-duty death.

Why, in your opinion, have fire and emergency services leaders largely avoided conducting original scholarly research in the past? Why is conducting scholarly research important to the modern organization? What topic are you most interested in studying, and how could it benefit your department or community?

Topic 2

Using Library Databases

In the previous discussion (Unit 3 Discussion Topic 1) you were asked to identify a topic that you are most interested in studying. Using a Library databases, conduct a search for journal articles on your chosen topic. What were the outcomes of your database search? How did you modify your search terms to achieve a successful search? Which databases were most useful to you and why?

Remember to limit your search to “peer reviewed” sources within your Library database search.