To whom this may concern, The course paper is an essential part of this course.

To whom this may concern,
The course paper is an essential part of this course. The complete paper is due on the last day of the course (Last Saturday); however, you may submit it a day or two before the due date. The course paper should be at least 8 pages in length and must have a good title which is self-explanatory. Ideally, your paper should have five sections: Introduction and Objective, Literature Review, Analysis, Conclusion and References. First, select any firm from the list below:
Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Facebook, Gillette, Hachette, J.C. Penney, McDonalds, Priceline, Schick, Virgin Atlantic, and Wal-Mart. These firms are mentioned in your textbook as business cases, so you can read those sections to get some motivation for your paper. Additionally, explore other resources including help from NU Library in “building” your paper.
Next, specify your objective clearly. The objective of your paper is related to the research question you will be investigating and may include:
The main characteristics of Demand and Supply of the firm
The main characteristics of the market structure of the firm
The strategy the firm adopted to maximize profit
Note: You are analyzing some microeconomic aspects of a particular firm. There may be other aspects of this firm you are interested in investigation. If so, state that in your objective.
I have chosen to write about Amazon and the “strategy the firm adopted to maximize profit”. I wanted to touch on technology advancements like the use of robotics in their warehouses to streamline processes, etc. I attached multiple documents to include, the introduction that I have already written for this paper, which states my thesis statement (i would still like to use this introduction), the rubric/guidelines for the paper, (2) papers that I have written in previous classes so you can see my writing style, and a couple of the discussion posts that I have written for this current (microeconomics) class.
My paper needs to include an abstract and at least (1) peer-reviewed academic source.