This is an Applied Research Paper. My research is on the ben…

This is an Applied Research Paper. My research is on the benefits of Telehealth for Seniors. Keep it specific on Seniors and Primary Care Providers. I want implementation strategies, cost-benefit, and cost-effectiveness used in the paper. 

·       Title Page (see attached example)

·       Executive Summary (Abstract)

·       Table of Contents

·       Introduction

·       Statement of Problem: Elderly patients missing appointments and forgotten discussions

·       Purpose of Research: Improve communication between and convenience for Elderly

·       Thesis or Hypothesis

·       Research Questions: 

1) Will this improve communication and convenience

2) Can this be cost beneficial and effective

3) Will this prevent possible complications and unnecessary hospitalizations

·       Research Methodology:

(e.g., Literature review, personal observation

·       Specific Models of Analysis Used:

Describe the model’s structure and purpose

·       Limitations and Delimitations of Study

·       Research Findings and Impressions (relative to each research question):

Including review of the literature:

–   Theoretical foundations informing research

–   Authoritative sources regarding subject under investigation

                        (e.g., Findings to Research Question 1 (Repeat question)

             Finding a. (Identify finding and methodology and model(s) used

             Finding b., etc.

·       Recommendations for Action (relative to each finding)

List findings:

(e.g., Finding a. (state finding)

             Recommendation 1)

             Recommendation 2), etc.

·       Recommendations for Further Study

·       Summary and Conclusion

·       Attachments

·       References (citing authoritive sources used through out paper)

In essence, the recommendations are informed by the findings; the findings are in direct response to each research question; by answering each research question, the purpose of the research is being carried out; as the purpose of the research is carried out, the problem is addressed and can hopefully solved or ameliorated.