This assignment requires you to critique Tough Guise 2 documentary regarding the

This assignment requires you to critique Tough Guise 2 documentary regarding the different aspects of masculinity in popular culture.
1.Summary: Summarize the author’s main idea and identify some of the important
points/issues raised by the author. Paraphrasing and using a quote or two from the film are also suggested, for it illustrates key points and demonstrates an understanding of the
2.Analysis: Examine the author’s key points and the evidence/support presented in
terms of the following criteria:
a. Is the information accurate? (quality, reliability of sources used)
b. Is the information significant/relevant?
c. Are the terms clearly defined?
d. Has the author argued logically and reasonably?
3.Evaluation:This is the part of the critique where you offer your views and judgments on the material (ideas and evidence) the author has presented. With what do you agree, disagree, and why? Stay close to the film in your evaluation of the author’s position and findings.Try to point out specific strengths and/or weaknesses in the evidence and support the author used. You do not have to fully agree or fully disagree with ALL the ideas presented in the video. In fact, you may agree with some parts and disagree with other parts of the film. Just be sure that your critique contains a thesis at the end of your introduction that clearly states your overall reaction to the film. Finally, remember that the essential purpose of writing a critique is to examine the ideas presented and then offer commentary on them.
4. A thesis (place at the end of the intro.) that reflects the assignment’s topic and writer’s main idea
5.In-text citations & Works Cited page
6.MLA Guidelines
7. Use Times Roman and font size 12
8. 1” Margins
9.Upper right hand corner header: your last name and page number
10. Upper left hand corner header: your full name, professor’s name, class, and date. Title your essay (a title that reflects the paper’s main idea)