This assignment is for managerial accounting class. Please see my choices at the

This assignment is for managerial accounting class. Please see my choices at the bottom of the page in regards to the discussion promt/topic.
Discussion 1: Cost Management, Strategy
Discussion Assignment Instructions
In the first discussion, submit a thread of
400-650 words directly addressing the discussion
prompt. You MUST upload a properly APA Word document as an attachment. Pay
very close attention to your APA Formatting as you will lose points for every
error! Refer to the APA website’s guide if necessary.
In your threads, (initial post and replies
to peers’ posts) synthesize course material and demonstrate critical thinking,
above average writing skills, and reflection.
the textbooks and scholarly articles from professional accounting and business journals.
at least 3 journal articles for the discussions.
your presentation, place the primary
focus on the management accounting technique with secondary focus on the chosen
Biblical integration in response to each question posed.
Opinion is worth little unless it is
supported by quotes and/or paraphrases from the textbooks and professional
The Following:
Select a well-known American company with which you
have some familiarity (specify the type of industry). Then, select 1 of the
contemporary management accounting techniques listed in Chapter 1, pg. 19, of
the Blocher & Hicks text. Why and how do you feel that the
contemporary management technique selected would be a positive force in helping
the company achieve its critical success factors?
E. J., Stout, D., & Smith, S. (2021). Cost Management: A strategic Emphasis, (9th edition). Boston, MA:
McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9781307687811
Dear Writer,
Please select a large well-known American healthcare
company which utilizes the manegial accounting technique of total quality
quality management –Chapter 17 of textbook.
(focus on strategy implementation
through process improvement)