There are several means to promote classroom learning and in…

There are several means to promote classroom learning and information processing. Find an article that discusses specific strategies/ tools you could use to promote the learning process, and critique the article as it relates to chapter 8. Two Pages.


Below is Chapter 8 Notes:

The Information Processing Theory:

Assumptions–Information is processed in steps or stages–There are limits on how much information can be processed at each stage–The human information processing system is interactive

– Short-term memory/working memory and its control processes


•  Maintenance Rehearsal (rote rehearsal, repetition):Information is repeated over and over again with no effect on long-term memory storage

•  Elaborative Rehearsal(elaborative encoding):New information is related to knowledge already stored in long-term memory

Short-term memory/working memory and its control processes


•Putting interrelated pieces of information into chunks


•When new material can be related to information in long-term memory

 Rehearsal/ Organization/Meaningful Learning/Visual Imagery

Rehearsal: prevents the quick disappearance of information from short-term memory. (Most children don’t begin to rehearse on their own until about age 7)

Organization: material broken into chunks which makes it easier to remember.

Meaningful Learning: occurs when the learner relates new information to prior ideas and experiences.

Visual Imagery: easier to recall than abstractions. (Teachers help students develop learning skills that incorporate visual imagery and other memory-aiding techniques)

Interference from Other Material:

– new material that is very similar to old material

Lack of Retrieval Cues:

– information that was part of the original material is not available later

 Be sure to submit in a Word document and be sure to add a reference for the article. APA format.