the text book for this class is Focus on Social Problems: A Contemporary Reader

the text book for this class is Focus on Social Problems: A Contemporary Reader (2nd ed.), by Mindy Stombler and Amanda M. Jungels (New York: Oxford University Press, 2021).
Pages to be read for this post are:
Read the following sections from Chapter 5:
North, “‘You Just Accept It’: Why Older Women Kept Silent about Sexual Harassment–and Younger Ones are Speaking Out” (p. 196-200)
Rich, “Imagining a Better Boyhood” (p. 201-204)
Herman and Windsor, “Transgender Discrimination in the Workplace” (p. 207-214)
Assignment Prompt:
Explain the concept of “androcentrism” and provide an example of androcentrism that you’ve experienced or witnessed in your own everyday life.
Assignment Guidelines:
To address the above prompt, begin your post with a quote from the text(s), and then analyze it below (include the page number in parentheses at the end of the quote so we can follow along)
Throughout your post, make clear reference to specific sentences from the texts and cite them (remember to include the page number in parentheses after the quote)
Make sure to use the “Critical Thinking Cheat Sheet” to help you develop your critical thinking skills (located near the top of the Week 1 Module)
250 words (minimum)
Connect your discussion comments to the text, analyze the text, and demonstrate deep thinking on the topic and you will be good to go!
Example format to help you get started:
[Quote from the assigned readings] (p. xxx)
The above quote suggests that _________. The way I interpret this is ___________ because ______________. It makes me think about _______________. It seems important that _________ be considered when thinking through these ideas, because the authors mention ______________ (p. xxx), and we can extend those ideas by thinking through additional variables such as _____________.
You can see in the above example, that you can express your ideas and thoughts, but that they should be rooted in (aka, connected to) the assigned readings
Discussion posts are pretty open, just make sure to follow the guidelines and you should be all set to form a thoughtful post