The purpose of this assignment is for students to apply the knowledge accumulate

The purpose of this assignment is for students to apply the knowledge accumulated in this course to analyze the diversity and inclusion strategy, programs, and/or policies of a public organization. Students should start this assignment by selecting a public organization, which has a diversity and inclusion strategy/statement/program available on its website. The organization can be an agency or department at the federal level, a state-level organization, or a local level public organization. In short, you can pick the White House, the Department of Agriculture, the United States Postal Service, your local Department of Motor Vehicles, etc. The only two requirements are that the organization be public, and it should have a diversity and inclusion document online.
Once you have picked your organization conduct your research and write a report, which has the following sections and includes the following information:
Section 1: Introduction and Overview of the Organization (1 page)
What are the main activities of this organization?
Where is it located? What geography does it serve?
What is the mission statement of the organization?
Was it easy to find the diversity statement in the website? Was it located somewhere visible on the homepage, or did you have to dig for it?
Section 2: Overview of the Organizations Diversity Approach (2-3 pages)
How does the organization accommodate the diversity of its workforce? Provide a summary and description of the overall diversity strategy/program/statement. If this is a big organization with multiple strategies and programs for diversity and inclusion, you can pick just one of these programs and focus your analysis on that.
Does the organization address racial and ethnic diversity, gender diversity, age diversity, physical ability diversity, LGBTQ+ diversity? How? What other diversity characteristics does the organization address? Provide examples
Does the organization have clear diversity strategies and goals? Or are they general statements that can not be easily verified?
Does the organization provide evidence of inclusion progress? Or does it focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce?
Section 3: Suggestions for Improvement (2-3 pages)
You were hired by the organization to help make it an Inclusive Organization. Based on your finding in section 2 above, please make 2 suggestions to improve the diversity and inclusion plan of this organization. Be creative and reasonable. Justify your suggestions by using references and indicate the anticipated benefits of your suggested changes, new program/policies to their employees, families, the community, and the organization as a whole. Use at least 5 of the course readings to support your suggestions. Section 4: Conclusion (1/2-1 page)
Summarize your analysis. Focus on the most important points. Section 2: Format Instructions
The paper should be 5- 7 pages double space. All the page estimations above are double space. All the components listed above should be included in the paper.
Citations and references should be in APA.
Required Readings:
Mor, Barak, Michalle E., (2017). Managing diversity: Toward a globablly inclusive workplace, 4th edition. Sage Publications. ISBN 978-1-4833-8612-6.
Additional Articles Attached