The group will write a paper and include all of the components needed for a succ

The group will write a paper and include all of the components needed for
a successful marketing plan. (Use info from chapters) The paper must be at
least 20 pages. Do not panic because it will be more than 20 easily!!
The following should be used as a template for your
paper: This means use these exact headings that are
bold and underlined – I suggest using subheadings to make sure you are on
track! EXAMPLE: under Situation
Analysis your subheadings could be ECONOMIC, SOCIAL/CULTURAL,
Core Competencies
do you do really well as a company? Something
that other competitors have a hard time doing as well. A bullet list of 3 or 4 things- No explanation needed.
Situation Analysis
(25 points) (outside research if needed)
area should include information about the industry – dollar sales, market
share, is it a growing industry? Be sure
to include how the economic, social/cultural, technological, political/legal,
and competitive environment impact this product marketing plan. Then
include a SWOT analysis of YOUR company In your SWOT analysis turn to the book
and use marketing terminology Ex: Brand Recognition for a strength maybe even
Brand Loyalty This should be an exhaustive list and include at least 10 items for each category.
Distribution (10
need to be specific. Describe the distribution channel.
You are manufacturer, selling to distributor selling to end user – or whatever
you decide. Explain how product will get from your hands to end user. Also what
type of distribution will be used intensive…
Be sure to use marketing
terminology taken from the book to complete each section. The
easiest way to do this is while writing each section go to the book and
key in on main headings and make sure you included marketing terminology.
It also will help keep you focused on what each section is about.
The plan should
include each of the headings above in proper order
Same font should
be used
Need to show
creativity and effort for maximum points
Total Points Paper: 173