The Exemplification Essay points to “instances” of a general topic. When you sel

The Exemplification Essay points to “instances” of a general topic. When you select an example, you show the nature or character of the whole group. I might say, “There are many poets I admire: Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Pope.” I’ve just given you examples of a general subject: Poets I admire. Each of the instances, or examples, illustrates the whole group. From here, I would go on to argue (explain) how each poet fulfills something I feel is important in poetry.
Read Hartley, “Creative Ways to Get Noticed…,” pp. 709-711, as an example of an Exemplification essay. Every time the author lists an idea, imagine her saying, “For example, you could…”
In the Exemplification Essay, you will choose a topic you have an interest in or which you’re passionate about and make an argument that the examples characterize (explain, illustrate) the general subject. You might choose to argue that there are three great soccer players in today’s leagues. You might argue that going to college accomplishes three goals in life. Or you might argue that three activities are essential for a successful Thanksgiving dinner. These are only examples of the kinds of argument you could make.
Remember your audience, determine your purpose in your argument, and be as specific as possible! Examples must be plentiful and specific enought to support your generalization. Create a title that tells your readers something about the content of the essay. “Exemplification Essay” is not a title.
This essay is to be 750 words minimum and is due June 19 at midnight. You may use sources from the library databases (
) or you may argue from your own knowledge and experience. If you use sources, you will need a Works Cited page and in-text citations.
(Some of the information for this assignment was taken from The Bedford Reader, 14th ed.)