The capstone project is a large scale project where you will choose a topic that

The capstone project is a large scale project where you will choose a topic that relates to nursing, where you are working, or where you would like to work. A need is something that is essential or very important that can help improve patient care outcomes and/or safety. This semester is the planning phase. During the rest of your program, you will continue to plan and work with your clinical site so that you can implement (put into effect) your project in the final semester.
There are several components used in the course that you will be expected to fill out and combine as part of your capstone. Remember this is just the start of your project. You will need to work on your capstone project in the second and third semester in order to be successful.
Using the information already compiled in previous assignments, create a proposal of at least 8 pages (not including the Title page and Reference page) which includes:
A Title Page including a Title for your Project
A Literature Review supporting the Need for the Project
At least 5 or more peer reviewed articles supporting the proposal
Objectives and strategies for achievement of the Capstone project
Background for the proposal including supportive resources indicated throughout the course e.g. budgeting, outcomes, evaluations.
Formatting using APA style. APA 7th edition format of the American Psychological Association
(APA) is the official style used by Nightingale College. This style and format used to cite sources can be referenced from
As well completely a Capstone Project Template Draft
What is the project question? In other words what are you ultimately trying to figure out?
What is the title of your project?
Who will benefit from your project?
Where are the people located that will benefit from your project?
What date do you plan on implementing your project?
How long will your project take
Budget requirements of your project ( how much money will it take to implement your project)?
Why did you decided to do this project?
What do you hope to achieve by doing this project?
What do you need to do to help you complete this project?
Will your project have long term effect? If so. What are they? If none. Why not?
Will the project be sustainable? If so. How will you sustain the project?
How will your project be evaluated?
Are there any risks associated with the project?
Is there anything that may prevent your project form succeeding? If so. What?