Technological and Scientific Environment intervention

Technological and Scientific Environment intervention – Due October 2nd
In this reflective assignment, we want to propose an intervention in your own life with the media technologies and/or scientific arrangements you are consistently enmeshed in. This assignment is about empowering your own agency and power in your environments and reflecting on new ways of being in that environment. Likewise, it is oriented towards thinking and doing; your intervention should be about really doing something very different than you normally would want to do with your environment. On that logic, you can consider a few routes towards an intervention: you could (A) restrict, limit, or restructure your current engagement with a part of your media environment such as not using a device for the hour after you wake-up/before bed, de-platforming from a Social Media site/app, trying a new time management app, etc. (B) Reorient your use of a media device or other technology and try using it in a new way such as using your mobile device only for something such as citizen journalism, (C) intervening in the ways scientific arrangements and regimes operate in our lives such as forgoing eating frozen or fast foods, and instead eating purely locally or fresh or altering how you use daily cosmetics or exercise equipment (D) something else your creative mind thinks of in the spirit of the assignment [requires my approval]. Your intervention must last 1 week. Over the course of the week make sure to keep notes of how this change alters your day-to-day experience. Commit to honestly capturing how your intervention is affecting all aspects of your individual experience from different perspectives (e.g. physical, mental, and emotional), and how your intervention changes the ways you interact and interpret experiences with other objects, people, etc. I expect to see diligent note taking for every day
Finally, compose a 600-750 word reflection that answers the following questions:
• What was your intervention and why did you want to change your environment in this way?
• What happened during the course of your intervention? How did this intervention change how you think and do in the course of your day?
• How did your experience affect your perspective on the technologies involved in your chosen intervention?
• Would you consider keeping this change in your daily practice?
• After this experience, would you consider other ways of intervening into your everyday technological and scientific practices?
Technological and Scientific Environment Intervention due Sunday, October 2nd by 11:59pm