Summary: POL 250 Intro to World Politics Review of Mounk’s The Pe

POL 250
Intro to World Politics
Review of Mounk’s The People Vs. Democracy

You have read Yascha Mounk’s The People Vs. Democracy and looked at some criticisms. Now it’s time for you to take a significant point and think through whether you find Mounk’s arguments persuasive. You should compare Mounk’s argument and evidence with another point of view.
You may take on one of the criticisms we saw in class. Or you may compare and contrast Mounk with other views in the “Possible Good Topics.” Or compare it to something you find.
In whatever order makes most sense for your essay, be sure to do the following:
Briefly describe the point in contention as well as the key general assumptions of the authors related to the point in contention (about 1 page)
Explain carefully the evidence, arguments, and analysis around the point you find persuasive and then explain why you find it persuasive (about 2.5 pages).
Incorporate good evidence bearing on your chosen topic that you found important and credible sources or from one of the other sources at Moodle.
Identify what you regard as the strongest opposing argument from the other author to the point you agree with and then respond to it (about 1 page).
Your essay may be no more than 1500 words, excluding your paper’s header, bibliography, etc. Your bibliography must list all the sources that you used.
Your essay must be free of major writing or editing errors. The 3 Error Rule will be in effect. Consult the Writing Guidelines at the course’s Moodle site.