Substance Abuse With Personality Disorder: A Case Study

To successfully complete this discussion,
Access the Society of Clinical Psychology: Division 12 of APA web page that features case studies: Case Studies Search
As you scroll down this page, note the area where you can choose the specific topic(s) you wish to access.Diagnoses List.png
Choose one of the cases available that relates to an addictive and/or personality disorder or eating disorder. (Use the diagnosis selection area.)Remember that you are assessing the potential substance abuse associated with a specific illness.After you have chosen your criteria, differing options may be available. Choose the one you find most thought-provoking or applicable to your interests.Albert Results Example.png
Read the case study details and refer to your textbook, and the DSM-5, as needed to support your understanding.Albert case study example.png
In your initial post,
Start by identifying the symptom or diagnosis you searched and the name of the case study you chose.(e.g. Albert [borderline personality disorder with comorbid alcohol use])Next, describe the patients symptoms and the available demographic and historical data.If new terminology is introduced, be sure to explain to your peers what this entails.Analyze the differences between the diagnosis of the person identified in your case study and a similar illness/diagnosis.Access the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed.) and do a search to support your suggestions. (Be sure to cite.)If the link above does not provide access, read instructions on How to Access the DSM-5  downloadthrough the Library.For additional support citing this resource, review the video The DSM-5 (Links to an external site.).Discuss the available treatments for your case study.Evaluate the health and social risks, as well as costs, of alcohol or substance use disorder.What do you think about how our society handles this problem? Is there more we should be doing or is society too involved in this issue?Finally, develop at least three recommendations for the patient/family for ongoing functioning (social, occupational, and academic, if applicable), associated with your chosen case study.
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