song about california , my song is california dreaming by the mamas and the papas

my song is california dreaming by the mamas and the papas
For this first paper, we are going to be looking at the ways specific songs represent Californiain their sound and their lyrics.  In part we are considering the ways musicians reflect certain populations living here but also how they promote an ideaor a myth– of California.  In terms of writing, we will be working on providing relevant description, quoting techniques, basic research, and paragraph structure. 
Write a 4 paragraph essay in which you analyze a song about California that promotes a particular image of the state.   You choose the song, but keep in mind that the song must be about California; it can be from any country and performed in any language.  You can also choose a song about a city in California.  If you do choose a song written in a language other than English, I will need you to translate it for me. 
Below is a description of what you should do in each paragraph: I will not do a paragraph break-down in future papers, but for this one, there are very specific skills I want you to work-on and these skills are divided by paragraph.
The questions within each section are merely prompts.  You do not need to answer them; they are there to give you a sense of the type of things you could discuss.  
 1)  The first paragraph is going to set-up the paper by introducing the history, or
context, of the song.  There are many things you can consider here:  When was it written?  Who performed it?  Was it popular?  How was it released?  Have there been covers of the song? What is the song writers history? What inspired the song?  You do not need to answer these questionssee them more as prompts to trigger your ideas.  
Your goal is to find information about the song and to choose the information that best sets up your thesis. The information you provide should be in your own words and should be cited Using MLA format. You will need to do a little research for the song, which means you will need to have a works cited page. You will also include your thesis in this paragraph.
2)  The second paragraph needs to analyze the song in terms of the image of California it promotes/creates.  In this paragraph you must provide one specific quote from the lyrics that best demonstrates this image.  Take your time in explaining this lyric.   You want to focus on specific words within that line.  Show us how this line creates an image of California.
Keep in mind that each song may have a totally different California Dreamnot all are it is the land of financial opportunity.  And not all are positive dreams of California.  
3)  The third paragraph needs to describe the song in terms of its sound and the ways that sound conveys the image of California. This paragraph will require you to describe the music itself.  For each of you, the sound focus will be different because of the dream the song is creating in the lyrics.    It is important that you describe the song enough to help us hear it the way you do, but you do not want to get too distracted with useless or unimportant details.  Focus on what is essential. 
Music is really complicated and hard to put into words.  Some things to consider than may help you:  What genre of music is it?  What do the voices sound like?  Which instruments are used? Does it have a baseline?  Do the lyrics rhyme?  Is there a melody?  
Additionally, you need to explain the way the sound relates to the image of California you discussed in the lyrics.  For example, the tinny high-pitched notes of Surfin USA sounds immature, boyish, even playful, highlighting an idea of California as a place that is forever young and irresponsible. 
4)  The concluding paragraph will present your opinion/ideas about the song and the image it promotes.  Let us know what you think about it.  This is your moment to explain why this song mattersmake us rethink this song.