Social Intelligence – Skilled Papers

1. Read Articles and supplemental material in Module 2 under Content area of course. Be sure you at least listen to/watch Goleman’s, Social Intelligence, Google Talks
2. Reflect and respond to the following:
First, understanding yourself is important before you can expect to lead others and manage.
Briefly describe Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence. Explain why having a strong emotional intelligence and social intelligence is important if you hope to lead others.
Additionally, How will you manage your amygdala when under distressing situations? Moreover, what will be your coping strategies so that you can focus on productive and meaningful ways to manage, given stressful situations? It will be helpful to read and review the media clips on this subject ( make sure you listen/review, Social Intelligence on Google talk–see link above). Be thorough and substantive when discussing. Feel free to use personal work-related examples.
3. Define and describe mission, vision, and values. Why is identifying a personal (self) mission, vision, and values important for leaders? Why is identifying an organization’s mission, vision, and values important? Should a personal mission, vision, and value be aligned with an organization? Explain why, substantively and clearly. Feel free to go outside the Module’s articles and find one of your own to help explain.
4. Be sure to fully cite all sources in these descriiptions.