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This simulation illustrates a fundamental concept in Operations Management. In this single-player simulation, exploration of core concepts of process analysis while acting in the role of a car wash manager. Allocation of a budget for performance improvements across vacuum, machine wash, and hand-dry stations with the goal of maximizing utilization and improving profitability is introduced. The simulation includes two challenges. The first challenge assumes the customer arrival rate, representing demand, is constant and helps validate the principles of Little’s Law. The second challenge adds both demand and process variability to illustrate more complex and realistic challenges in running an operation and achieving profitability.
Learning Objectives
Measuring the optimal performance of a process. Understanding the relationships among key concepts of process analysis: throughput time, cycle time, and capacity utilization. Understanding how variability affects key process measures and profitability. Optimizing capacity utilization
Review the attached PPT before and during running the simulation. It is very lengthy, but it does have some slides that prove to be valuable in running the simulation. Go through the HOW TO PLAY section of the simulation before running it as well.
Assignment: Run Challenge 1 (view slide 3) by allocating $ to the three workstations. Your budget is $3 million, so split it as you see fit for the first run and make changes if you decide to “Play again” to increase your profit. In the Discussion board, simply provide your results. Such as: Cycle time (min/car), profit per hour ($), throughput time (min), capacity utilization (%) and Your PROFIT ($).
Run Challenge 2 (slide 11), once again allocating the amount of money that you estimate will take to process “cars/hr.”. Continue to run Challenge 2 until you make a profit. Was your capacity utilization 100 or 0%? Where was the perceived bottleneck observed while running the simulation? What were some of the advantageous changes that you made to improve profit and capacity utilization? For example, increase or shift the amount of money to workstation X? Each time you play it again will show you which station has better utilization %. That means that station is doing well, and the others need more “resources” or investment ($$). Post the same information in the Db as you did for the previous challenge. Look at the compare tab and see how you “compared” to the other runs. Is there a correlation between the number of cars washed and the Total profit?
Please provide a well thought out graduate level response to your experience running this simulation that consists of the required data referenced above. I moved the due date out on this to 9/28 due to the load for week 5 and that this is an important simulation.