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1. Write a Formal Letter:  Use Format on Page 136
Agreeing to Waive a Fee (pg. 167 10.12) You are a customer service representative for a major credit card company.  Last week, Naomi Neyens called asking that you waive the annual fee on her account.  “I’m getting offers from other companies with no annual fee. I’d like to keep my account with ABC Visa, but only if you waive the fee for the life of the account.”  You agreed to do as she asked, effective immediately. Now you need to write a letter confirming the conversation.  Write to Ms. Neyens, specifying her 16-digit account.
2. Write a Memo: Use Format on Page 146
Reminding Employees of Company Web Use Policy (pg. 167 10.13)Recently, a longtime employee was terminated for accessing adult web sites on a company computer. Though the employee claimed that while doing a job-related Web search several adult ads popped up, records show the site addresses were actually keyed in. The employee was also logged into the computer at the time.This was the third time the employee was found to be using the Web inappropriately.  He was given a warning both times.  Now is the time to remind employees of the company’s policy on using the Web. For starters, Web use is limited to tasks relevant to company business, and employees are to use the company email system for company business only. If an employee receives a personal email message through the company system, he or she should forward it to a personal email account and open it elsewhere while “off the clock”.The company reserves the right to monitor employee Web and email use on a company computer at any time. Finally, employees who violate the policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.Write a MEMO reminding employees of the policy.
3. Write an Email: Use format on Pages 230 -231
Critical Thinking:  Positive Communication and You Attitude. As manager of a customer service center, you want to help improve communications between employees and customer. In this assignment, compose an email to be sent to all CSR (customer service representatives) explaining the concept of You Attitude and Reader benefits. In a Formal Email explain the concepts and encourage the employees to plan, write and revise their email communications for positive emphasis.  Review pages 96- 101; 107 – 115 to help prepare this email. Be sure the email clearly defines  You- attitude, lists Reader benefits, and the models the positive attitude you are asking the employees to use.  For Formal Email Writing see page 230 for examples of how to format an email for professional inquiries.  Your submission should include all elements of the email: Address, Subject Line, Salutation, and Signature Block.   You can compose this on your computer and copy and paste a screen shot in a Word document, or compose it in a document that replicates an email format.