Science fiction is not just about technology; rather, it is about people and ho

Science fiction is not just about technology; rather, it is about
people and how they deal with the outcomes of technological
advancements. Because of this, science fiction can be a very important
place to examine the possible positive and negative outcomes of any
technology. It allows audience to consider the dangers of a technology
before the society is dependent upon that technology. Your goal in this
essay is to identify any science fiction movie and discuss the people
vs. technology issues that it encompasses. Be sure to select a piece
that facilitates your essay.
For example, there are a lot of sci-fi movies around about the rise
of artificial intelligence (AI). Most end up with humans being
mercilessly crushed by AI overlords, Terminator-style. Ex Machina though
takes a subtler, and altogether more sinister, approach. The movie’s
AI, Ava, discovers how to achieve her goals through manipulating people.
The main idea of the movie is that we’re in danger of creating AIs that
understand us better than we understand ourselves, and can use this
against us.
Select a science fiction movie (an episode from Black Mirror is also appropriate).
In this short research essay, explore the relationship between people and technology.
Your task will be to demonstrate knowledge of the course content by integrating the concepts/theories/ ideas into the essay.
Your finished essay (without references and title) should be approximately 500-550 words long.
Your essay should have at least two appropriate references and citations.