Sales Management

Part 1 (1 page)  

Using the Library Information Resource Network (LIRN), JSTOR, or any other electronic journal database, research six (6) peer-reviewed articles that can be used to answer your upcoming PA 1 assignment. Your discussion should summarize the articles in such a way that it can justify any arguments you may present in your PA 1 assignment and should be different from the abstract. In addition to your researched peer-reviewed article, you must include an example of the article researched as it is applied by industry (company, business entity, and so forth).

Important: Please ensure that your reference for the article is in correct APA format, as your reference in your discussion post. Depending on which electronic database you use, you should see a “Cite” selection for your article. In addition, there should be a variety of articles summarized and as such, students should have different articles summarized. Your summary MUST include ALL of the following in your DQ post (include every item in the bullet list below, or you will not receive full credit):

Do these in order:

● In correct APA format, write the Reference of the article.

● Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose.

● Describe how you will use it in your upcoming assignment.

● Repeat for a total of six (6) peer-reviewed sources.

Part 2 (4 pages) Professional Assignment 1 – CLO 2

For this assignment select one of the following Sales Marketing topics and write 4-5 pages examining the topic defining the topic area, then detailing how you would address the topic (and include at least six [6] peer-reviewed sources). You must use additional sources to fully cover the topic. 

Designing and maintaining      territories.Recruiting and selecting a      sales forceTraining a salesforce.Designing compensation plans      for a salesforce.Designing incentive      programs for a salesforce.Evaluating ethics, social      responsibility, and the legal environment for sales.Discuss and explain the      organization and implementation of sales programs.Motivating a salesforce.Analyzing the performance      of a salesforce.