Russia Criminal Justice System – Skilled Papers

This paper must detail a US Citizen traveling to Russia and eventually committing a crime.
All laws and judicial process specific to Russia should be referenced.
You arrive at the country
You commit a crime
You will work through the country’s criminal justice system (from arrest, detainment, etc… to trial)
You are caught by the country’s law enforcement officers
You do not have diplomatic immunity and the country is balking at any means of negotiation with the US for your release from the crime and subsequent punishment
How were you caught?
Explain the countries specific law
Explain from first contact through arrest and questioning your experience with the country’s law enforcement officials
Explain the detention process you will experience as a foreign national for the crime you committed
Explain the judicial process you’ll experience for the crime you committed Explain the detention, corrections, and/or incarceration process you’ll experience for the crime you committed
The human rights perspective of how you were treated through the lens of the country where you were caught
The effectiveness of the criminal justice system in the country
(Cannot use murder, or drugs as the crime)