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The four management functions are Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Planning identifies the goals for the future of the organization and the path to get there. Organizing is how the organization plans to accomplish the organizations plan. Leading is the use of motivating and influencing employees to reach the goals. Leaders should use communication, motivation, and create a shared vision. Controlling is monitoring employees’ actions to determine if the organization is on the right path to reach the goals (Draft, 2013).

The roles that leadership and innovation plays in the four management functions are important. “Innovation in products, services, management systems, production processes, cooperate values, ant other aspects of the organization are what keep companies growing, changing and thriving (Draft, 2014 pg. 5)”. If an organization doesn’t keep fresh new ideas, talent, skills, services, or products they can’t stay competitive in the market. The organization will not have long term viability. Organizations need to proactive with innovation. They must follow trends and deep technology and innovation up to date. Leaders need to be adaptable to the changes with technology and innovation. Leadership needs to anticipate change and adjust accordingly. If the leadership doesn’t adapt to the change, they will be unable to lead the organization through the innovation (Draft, 2013).

Effective innovation leadership is not depending on the imagination of a select few employees. Effective innovation leadership has three necessary forces 1. Toolset. This is the resources, tools, and techniques needed to implement innovation in the organization, to communicate the path to achieve the new goals, and to create commitment from employees. 2. Skillset. This is what is needed to allow innovated leaders to use their experience, knowledge, and talent to accomplish the organizational goals. 3.Mindset. Mindset is the beliefs, moral, vision, attitudes and behaviors that are needed for the leaders to reach the organizational goals (Horth, 2014).

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