Research Question: How has the BLM movement transformed the way the modern worl

Research Question: How has the BLM movement transformed the way the modern world views collective rights?
Explanation of RQ in own words – written in formal language: This research question will seek to uncover how society has adapted to and transformed civil movements and gained rights specifically through the analysis of prejudice throughout history. Argument 1 Title: An Evaluation of African-American History Reveals Disproportionate Power Relations Explanation: BLM movement is inspired from the evaluation of history demonstrating the role of power among institutions in comparison to the African-American population. This argument will assist in answering the RQ by demonstrating how the Black Community in America is often disadvantaged in formal power settings. Argument 2 Title: The Black Population in America is Disadvantaged in Opportunities Thus Revealing a Hierarchy Between Classes. Explanation: Many communities in America do not have the same opportunities as other racial groups causing the rest of society to view Black Americans as secondary citizens. This argument will further the RQ by discussing how BLM seeks to gain equal rights to others in society. Argument 3 Title: BLM Has Disrupted the Previous Notion of a Progressive Society By Being Able to Expose Inequality Explanation: This argument will highlight the RQ as it re-evaluates the notion of liberties in America. BLM exposes many inequalities African-Americans face on a daily basis by differentiating between “All Lives Matter†and “Black Lives Matterâ€. These are my arguments provided and research question. I provided PDFS Below with the requirements of the essay, and research report. and template you will need to use.