Research Project Learning objectives: be able to apply a global computable gener

Research Project
Learning objectives:
be able to apply a global computable general equilibrium models to examine the impact of a trade policy and analyze the results;
be able to discuss the economic implications of several current issues in trade policy and relate them to the theories and models learned;
be able to think critically about the assumptions, methods and policy recommendations of current research, in order to justify decisions or identify areas for possible improvement
You are expected to simulate the impacts of some trade related agreement or trade related issue using a computable general equilibrium model.
Steps for the project: ( you just need to write a paper, the steps can help you understand how to write the paper better)
1. Use assignment 1 to help you examine the data of your country of interest and their trading partners. (I will update the file of instruction for assignment1, you don’t need to do it but it can help you to understand this paper better)
2. Decide on your aggregation and develop your mapping file. (I also upload the aggregation and instruction for mapping file and you can have a look)
3. Analyse the results and start to build tables for your report. Again some of the activities we will do in lectures will guide you as to what to look for in the results.
9. Run some sensitivity analysis simulations based on your analysis (don’t try to do everything, just pick something you think might matter and are interested in).
10. Write a draft of your report. Your report should contain: an introduction, literature review/background to the question/country (short), a brief description of the model used(GTAP model), a description of the scenarios and closure, an analysis of the results, a limitations and/or sensitivity analysis section, and conclusions. Appendicies can be used to include information on your data (usually on your aggregation) or other information you want to include that does not fit into the page limit.