Required: Students are required to search for articles publi…

Required: Students are required to search for articles published in research journals or magazines of any professional accounting body about a failed ERP implementation. Students are required, to identify and write an analysis on the reasons for the failure and suggest different strategies to avoid such failure/s based on the latest available technology. 

Format: The word limit is 1500 words. Your word count must be included on your cover page. Nothing is to be excluded from the word count. If you exceed the word limit, 10% of the total marks will be deducted as a penalty. In text referencing is required for all sources used and a complete list of references must be provided using the Harvard Referencing System.

 Your submission must contain the following (i.e. all files must be combined into one file and in this order):  Cover page (You can design your own cover page)  Report  Reference list The style must be as following:  Font – Times New Roman  Size – 12point  Spacing – 1.5 lines  Margins not less than 2.5 cm Each page must have a footer containing the following:  ACCG8150, S2, 2021  Your SID  Page number S