Request emergence assistance for my US citizen son with his mother and her daughter

My son who is one year old he is a US citizen that lives in Haiti with his mom and his older sister at Delmas 95 impasse pepon #25 Jacques, tybul petionville. For the last 8 days the country has been in a chaos situation where violence kinaping,killing vandalism food market and put fired on public businesses.Right now the market owners are unable to open their business because the business been vandalism in most market. At this moment there’s no public transportation because the the haitian government does provide any safe way to distribute the gas after they also have increasing the gas price ovee 100% and that cause the population are so agitated.Im really concern about my fiance with my son and her daughter that are unble to find clean water to drink and food to eat and gun shot left and right,where police does not have the control of the situation and no access to get doctor visitation in the city where every all the public building,and food store is completely not function or gangs already vandalism them completely with the population you can not walk to go anywhere what so ever and also because of this violence im unable to travel to haiti.Im asking Mr.or Mrs.the consular to help my family get out of this situation please. As it state in consular website haiti that haiti is on category 4 for US citizen to not travel compted on you generosity to assist me as a US citizen and a US citizen child father