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This is the discussion question- What is your personal worldview? Connect your worldview to cultural and spiritual competence. How will your worldview and cultural and spiritual competence affect your role and scope of practice as an advance registered nurse? Consider both the provision of safe, quality care to diverse populations and interprofessional relationships.
In response to your peers, what components of your worldview would be important to integrate into a nursing theory? Think deeply about your views and patient care. This will help prepare you for the Topic 4 assignment. Cite at least one source to support your response.
MY CLASSMATE POST- My worldview is based on my Christian belief following the scriipture, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (The Holy Bible, New International Version, 2011/n.d., Matthew 25:40). My faith shapes my values, attitudes, and expectations regarding the world around me. My faith-based worldview allows me to look at different cultures for the people they are, even if we have different beliefs, religions, or cultural norms. In my future role as an advanced practice registered nurse, I will be treating patients who may live or act very differently from my beliefs. Still, by modeling Christ-like behavior, I will be able to provide safe, quality care to all types of populations as well as to my colleagues and other medical professionals. Nursing is a calling to care, to have a heart to serve others, not just those we feel worthy of care.
Four nursing concepts can be viewed as the person cared for, the environment, health, and the nurse providing the care (Shelly et al., 2021). Every person is God’s creation, and his creations include a vast diversity of races, ages, cultures, and beliefs. This is true for patients as well as interprofessional relationships. The environment consists of not only the environmental situation the patient is in but also their internal environment, including internal stresses, mental health, and spiritual well-being. To facilitate healing in my patients, I must be able to assess where they are physically and mentally and involve the patient in their care plan to improve their overall health. Being a nurse allows me access to a diverse array of populations. Utilizing my knowledge and skill, I will be able to advocate, heal, and promote a healthy lifestyle for all of God’s children.
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