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This is the discussion question-What is your personal worldview? Connect your worldview to cultural and spiritual competence. How will your worldview and cultural and spiritual competence affect your role and scope of practice as an advance registered nurse? Consider both the provision of safe, quality care to diverse populations and interprofessional relationships.
In response to your peers, what components of your worldview would be important to integrate into a nursing theory? Think deeply about your views and patient care. Cite at least one source to support your response.
**** this is my classmate post- Personal Worldview and Clinical Practice Personal worldview migrates from multiple cultural and religious preferences. Personally for me, my worldview is based off a higher power from Christianity. Believing in a higher power can affect the role of a nurse practitioner. Current goals in healthcare involve eliminating health disparities and adapting to cultures and diverse patients. This can lead to proper health promotion and disease management for all patients and different backgrounds. “Adaptation and relearning are strategies that can prepare health professionals to cope with an environment that will see ongoing change long into the future, particularly as the U.S. healthcare system is expected to further evolve under subsequent efforts to reform the system”(DeNisco, 2019). Therefore, it is the role for nurse practitioners to understand and adapt to diversity and cultural preferences with patients and have interprofessional relationships to deliver high quality, safe patient care regardless of personal values and beliefs. Personal worldview does not only affect patient care, it can also affect interprofessional relationships. It is crucial to understand and accommodate to spiritual and cultural competence with other healthcare professionals to deliver high quality patient care. “In situations where you are addressing a specific accommodation request, it is a better practice to research your policies and practices first and come prepared to discuss unfamiliar religious traditions and practices”(Tanenbaum, 2022). When all healthcare professionals, including advanced practice nurses, understand diversity and put primary focus on the patient and their religious and cultural preferences, it will also help eliminate health disparities. Everyone has a personal worldview, the goal in healthcare is to adapt and accept these worldviews in all aspects, especially with patients.
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