Religious site visit essay – Skilled Papers

This paper will be a religious site visit paper on I religion I’m not a part of, in this case, I picked Christianity and the site I picked was a Church called St. Agatha Catholic Church. The instructions on this are attached. I’ve also attached the earlier assignments that the class had me do to prepare me for the paper. This is to help you get a feel for the writing I do and the style of the professor. Lastly, the professor specifically asked to have any direct quotes or citations separate from the 1200-word count. Also of the sources used four must be scholarly. I know that this essay is about a site visit and that you may not be in the area of the specific Church I mentioned, but I think it would be ok for the paper to be more describing the ideas and general experience in that religion vs actual interviews.
p.s. Please message me if you have any questions that we can discuss if you need more information.