Richards ch2 -syllabus design
ch 3 -new direction in syllabus and curriculum design
Graves ch 4 conceptualizing content
Reflection Papers (2-3 pages each, double spaced)
For each paper, choose a topic in your readings and/or viewings. In your paper you have the freedom to do one of the following:
• delve into topic,
• expand on topic,
• relate to, reflect on, or otherwise offer insight into topic,
• question a point or issue on the topic that catches your attention,
• write an interpretation, critique, or call to action
The essential requirements for these academic papers are that you refer to the relevant passage(s), focus on one topic, clearly identify your position on the topic, write coherently, proofread your paper, and cite your sources (APA in-text citation and Reference page).
please cite the books
Graves, Kathleen. 2000. Designing Language Courses. Boston, MA: Heinle & Heinle (ISBN: 978-0-83847909-4)
Richards, J.C. 2001. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (ISBN: 978-0-52180491-2 Kindle: B003HS5TI0)