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Unit 8 Assignment: Final Project
Due Date: Wednesday, 11:59PM EST
Points: 100
This course is designed to expose you to various aspects of criminal law. It touches on penalties, the
elements of certain crimes and possible defenses employed by defendants. The knowledge you will gain
in the course and the research you will undertake should yield a final project in which you can conduct a
technical analysis and discussion of the crimes committed by criminals, in a designated approved case
In this course you will be required to complete a final project in lieu of a final exam, which will have to be
submitted during Unit 8 of the course. Stated simply, this project will consist of a case study and analysis
of a criminal case of your choice. The case study and analysis focuses on your identification of the
crimes, their individual elements and any applicable defenses that could be employed by the defendant
in justifying his or her conduct or mitigating the punishment.
For example, look at the following article about a crime which occurred in 2015 at a bank in Tallahassee,
Florida. http://www.inquisitr.com/1958455/taxi-rob-bank/
If this were your case, which it cannot be, you would outline the facts and identify the crimes
committed. Your paper will include much more information but for demonstration purpose see the
On March 26, 2015, in Tallahassee, Florida a man named Stanley Geddie arrived by taxi cab and was
drunk during an attempted heist of the Capital City Bank. He failed to pay the cab driver the $25.50 fare
for the trip. He walked into the bank and told the cab driver that he would take care of him when he
came out. Inside the bank he told the manager that he wanted $100,000 in hundreds, that he had a .357
handgun and was carrying C4 explosives and would “blow the place up” Police arrived to find Geddie
highly intoxicated in the manager’s office. He did not cooperate with the officers, was tased and taken
into custody.
The possible crimes committed:
Larceny- for the failure to pay the cab fare.
Robbery- demanding money by force or threatened force.
Resisting Arrest- failure to cooperate with the officers.
Possible defenses:
1. Voluntary Intoxication-defendant willingly consumed intoxicants.
2. Diminished Capacity- the defendant did not grasp the gravity of the situation.
Then, you will list the elements of each crime and demonstrate with in your chosen case how those
elements were established. Next, you will also identify any possible defenses available in the case and
again demonstrate how you can establish that the defense is viable for the defendant.
Remember, this type of assignment will require research, thought, analysis and the application of the
material we will cover in this course.
You will be required to submit a five (5) page minimum (standard size) and a twenty (20) page maximum
size 12 font, double spaced document and fully referenced using APA citation style for all source
materials. The paper shall be in 12 pt font, Times New Roman, and shall not have been turned in
previously to any other instructor. The document must include your name, MOD and course title. You
must also have submitted this case in Unit 2 with support and received approval from the instructor to
use this case.
NOTE: the title page and citation / bibliography page do NOT count as pages.
You should review the grading rubric before beginning the project, while writing the document
and upon completion to ensure you have covered all that is required in your final draft.
Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after
you write.