Question: What has been the relationship between ‘developmen…

Question: What has been the relationship between ‘developmental states’, authoritarianism, and modernisation in East Asia? 

Hello, i am a year 3 student who studies at city university of Hong Kong. Here is my essay question, you have to use all these 3 readings, quote short sentences with your own explaination and understanding. Remember to do the citation, around 800-900 words, you have to submit on 20/9 monday hk time 11:00 pm, which means you have 40 hours to complete it, thankyou so much.

please write it clear, direct and simple, once again, thankyou so much for helping me. I have also attach the lecture powerpoint, feel free to take a look, it may helps you to deal with the work. 

•-Stephan Haggard. 2018. Developmental States. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1-17.

•-Akira Suehiro. 2008. Catch-Up Industrialization: The Trajectory and Prospects of East Asian Economics. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, chp. 5, 105-122.

•-James W. Morley. 1999.Driven by Growth: Political Change in the Asia-Pacific Region (2nd Ed), Armonk New York: M.E. Sharpe, chp. 13, 313-345.